Accepted to meet the prerequisite hours to sit for the ATP exam with a high school diploma AND as Continuing Education Credits to help meet Licensure states' regulations on Continuing Education.

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1. The Law: Medicare requires DME companies selling Group 2 single power option or multiple power option PWC, any Group 3 or Group 4 PWC, or a push rim activated power assist device for a manual wheelchair to have, on staff, a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) to assist each patient in the selection of the specific device ordered.
Licensure states that require yearly Continuing Education Credits in order to sell durable medical equipment.

2. The Problem: In order to qualify to take the ATP Exam without a college education and years of qualifying experience, you must gain 30 Contact Hours of Training and Education, 15 of which are recommended to be of a clinical nature. Our program comes with an ATP study guide (including pages of important, easy to understand terminology), the exam outline, and all exam registration forms.
3. The Solution: Mobility University currently offers 15 Contact Hours of Physician and Physical Therapist led clinical education available to watch in your home or office on DVD.

A Leading Education Provider for Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers

Welcome to Mobility University, a leading education provider for durable medical equipment suppliers specializing in powered mobility products.

Beginning April 1, 2008, Medicare (CMS) will require every company selling powered mobility devices to have, on staff, a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) to assist each patient in the selection of the specific device ordered. In order to become an ATP, one must pass the mandatory ATP Certification Exam, which has a prerequisite of 30 Contact Hours of Training, 15 of which should be presented from a clinical setting. Mobility University offers these 15 hours.

Mobility University offers a DVD presentation featuring both a physical therapist specializing in home health and a Board Certified Physician. You will benefit from gaining valuable education and perspective while earning CECs from the convenience of your home or office.

The Mobility University Course covers topics such as Simple Assessments, Patient Diagnosis, Goal Setting, Daily Living Needs, Integration of Concepts, and Wheel Chair options. The last 5 bonus hours include a prep course for the ATP exam and a discussion forum.

Please Note: CECs are Contact Hours of Training. Please check with your state or Resna for requirements.

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