Accepted to meet the prerequisite hours to sit for the ATP exam with a high school diploma AND as Continuing Education Credits to help meet Licensure states' regulations on Continuing Education.

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About Mobility University

Mobility University is an educational media tool created to present 15 hours of very practical education from a largely clinical perspective.

It is in DVD format and can be viewed from any location where one has access to a DVD player or a DVD-drive in a computer.

Dr. Jamie Cates, Board Certified Physician, is the resident physician for Mobility University and appears throughout the presentation bringing much knowledge and insight to bear on the issues involved in, and applicable to, mobility education.

Dr. Cates is joined by Matt Davis, M.S.P.T., a Physical Therapist who has invested himself in helping the patient to maintain as normal a life as possible. He will instruct, inform, and encourage you to invest yourself in this endeavor, as well.

The approach is very refreshing as seen from a reality TV perspective, and is presented in a real world setting with lots of interaction and personal contact with individuals who are confined to mobility products i.e., powered wheelchairs, scooters, etc.

Not only will you learn the ‘what’s important’ and the "how to’s" of mobility education, but you will hear, first hand from the consumer. We believe that this will serve to increase understanding and sensitivity to their "perspective".

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