Accepted to meet the prerequisite hours to sit for the ATP exam with a high school diploma AND as Continuing Education Credits to help meet Licensure states' regulations on Continuing Education.

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The Curriculum

The Mobility University curriculum is broken down into 15 hours, or episodes. Each hour offers a unique course of study into the ideas and prinicples of powered mobility, including proper assessment, as well as service and support to patients.

Hour 1: Introductory Basic Concepts
1. Onsite case study of Lois Brake
2. Complex people into complex chairs--assess needs, demo the chair, and multiple follow ups.
3. Eleven point assessment form

Hour 2: Basic Assessment Form
1. Basic Assessment Form
2. Introduction and explanation of simple assessment form

Hour 3: Patient Diagnosis
1. Explain the importance of correct diagnosis.
2. Top 5 diagnosis used for wheelchair patients
3. Age
4. Patient Size
5. Use/Setting
6. Transportation of wheelchair
7. Extras/Attachments/Accessories
8. Provide solution
9. Significance during assessment

Hour 4: Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics
1. Anatomy- simple definition
2. Physiology - simple definition
3. Biomechanics
4. Examples of model/photo/xray of good and poor patients
5. Application
6. Review of main points

Hour 5: Goal Setting
1. Goal setting Overview
2. Short-term goals:
3. Examples
4. Long-term goals
5. Interviews and examples of life confined living with a wheelchair
6. Examples

Hour 6: Assistive Mobility Dependant Living
1. Transfers in and out of chairs
2. Reaching and achieving Aids to Daily Living
3. Mobility (the terrain, surfaces, indoors/outdoors)
4. Safety (injury prevention of self and others)

Hour 7: Wheel Chair Options
1. Full breakdown of seating, cushions, frame and backs
2. Review how function is affected

Hour 8: Integration of person, technology, and environment
1. Integration of Person, Technology, and Environment
2. Examples of certain diagnoses, technology use and, independence in their environment

Hour 9: The Seat
1. The Options: Making the right choices
2. Basic vs. Rehab
3. Extras (mobility and function necessities and accessories.

Hour 10: Physician’s perspective
1. Critical window of independence
2. Aging population
3. Misplacement of paperwork causes many problems

Hour 11: Clinical Forum
1. Covered in Hour 11 of Mobility University
2. About the ATP Certification Exam
3. An Overview of the ATP Exam with Content Breakdown
4. The ATP Standards of Practice
5. Disability Laws
6. Resources for Preparation

Hour 12: Various Review Topics
1. Funding Sources for Assistive Technology
2. Augmentative & Alternative Communication
3. Computer Access
4. Environmental Controls
5. Forum with Board Certified Physician Dr. Jamie Cates & Physical Therapist Matt Davis

Hour 13: Various Review Topics
1. Stages of Development
2. Visual & Hearing Impairment
3. DX and AT Intervention
4. SCI Injury Review
5. Outcome Measurement

Hour 14 Various Review Topics
1. Important Terminology & Vocabulary
2. Seating Assessment
3. Background Information
4. Simple Assessment; What Information is Needed
5. Case Study with Dr. Jamie Cates & Matt Davis, P.T

Hour 15
1. ATP Certification Practice Exam

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