Accepted to meet the prerequisite hours to sit for the ATP exam with a high school diploma AND as Continuing Education Credits to help meet Licensure states' regulations on Continuing Education.

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Pricing Information

Mobility University was formed out of the conviction to see continuing education provided without the need for travel. We believe that we offer a win, win, win scenario:

  1. a cost-effective approach to obtaining Continuing Education Credits
  2. the advantage of offering these credits with little to no loss of man hours or employee productivity
  3. a product that is constantly at your disposal for certifying additional employees in the event of turnover or just the need for multiple ATP oversight of your marketing department
Mobility University Course
15 Hours of Continuing Education Credits
Includes: 1 Certificate of Completion, 11 DVDs, Study Package, & Forms
Additional Employee License
Includes 1 Additional Certificate of Completion and 1 Study Package (for companies with multiple employees needing education)
Additional DVD Set
Includes 1 Additional Set of 11 DVDs Only
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