Accepted to meet the prerequisite hours to sit for the ATP exam with a high school diploma AND as Continuing Education Credits to help meet Licensure states' regulations on Continuing Education.

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Rules You Should Know from Medicare

Excerpt from CMS Local Coverage Determination L23613 on Power Mobility Devices

“For claims with dates of service on or after April 1, 2008, the specialty evaluation required for patients receiving a Group 2 single power option or multiple power option PWC, any Group 3 or Group 4 PWC, or a push rim activated power assist device for a manual wheelchair must be performed by a RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP) specializing in wheelchairs or a physician who is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The ATP or physician may not have any financial relationship with the supplier. In addition, the wheelchair must be provided by a supplier that employs a RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) specializing in wheelchairs who is directly involved in the wheelchair selection for the patient.”

For more information, please visit the RESNA website.

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